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Kickstart Your Meetings Within 30 Secs. Acquire Zoapi Now..!

Zoapi is a wireless presentation device essential for meeting rooms of enterprise companies, coworking spaces and education centers. Zoapi instantly converts your projector or TV into a smart unit  allowing fast screen sharing from virtually any device and any system, host video conferences using the application of your choice, view your meeting room calendar on the go and manage your meetings. Take total control with Zoapi full-featured multi-meeting rooms management dashboard.

Zoapi Room Scheduler

Our incredibly detailed Zoapi Room Scheduler app is designed as an on-door application information screen to manage and control your meeting rooms. View the entire meeting room calendar in one go and book ad-hoc meetings with a single click through the Room Scheduler app on the Tablet attached to the door. The Zoapi Room Scheduler app integrates into enterprise email systems to allow live room booking and visibility of existing upcoming reservations.

Key features:

  • Check meeting room usage, availability and calendar through the app

  • Mounted Display Device

  • Seamless Book using an easy interface to book rooms in just a few clicks

Zoapi Features

Zoapi Hub Pro packs a pool of features to get you started with all your meeting room needs in addition to screen sharing, video conference & admin controls.

Area Display Application

Check meeting room status directly from the lobby. Zoapi’s area display app shows all scheduled and upcoming meeting rooms on the TV screen.

Digital Signage

Convert your room display into a digital signage space. Configure using the Zoapi dashboard and greet your clients with welcoming display messages.

WiFi Access Point

Zoapi provides WiFi access point for all your guests and configures the access points to match your corporate WiFi policy for a secure browsing.

Zoapi Calendar App.

Integrate your room calendar with Zoapi and view room status, access meeting descriptions and join conferences through VC apps using meeting links.

On Display Reminders

Get notified about your meetings with Zoapi On-Display reminders and track every meeting scheduled to accommodate upcoming meetings.

Password Protected

Keep the Zoapi hub password protected and limit access to users. Your IT team can manage the Zoapi device through local and global passwords.

Stats & Analytics

Get meeting room stats, usage metrics and detailed analytics about utilization using the admin dashboard with a few clicks.

Email Notification

Get weekly and monthly reports on meeting room usage and a daily device status notification that helps you keep a tab on all the happenings.

Security & Encryption

Zoapi Hub provides a layer of security and protection in addition to encryption for all your connected apps and accounts.

Automatic OTA Update

Get automated OTA updates for your Zoapi Hub device and stay updated with the latest features, functionalities and security patches.

Dual Display

Zoapi offers dual display for multiple device connection & seamless video conferencing experience.

Bluetooth Support

Get all your accessories, devices and handheld devices connected to your Zoapi Hub device with an inbuilt Bluetooth feature.

Multiple Networks

Connect up to 4 isolated networks simultaneously from corporate, guest networks, etc. to Zoapi Hub & share screen from any of them.

Vesa Mount

Zoapi Hub comes with Vesa mounting bracket, so you can securely mount your Zoapi device behind the TV or above the projector.

Kensington Lock

Zoapi comes with slots for Kensignton Lock which will help you physically secure your device by locking it.


Download the Zoapi, Start Sharing Your Screen

Connect to the Zoapi device directly from your mobile phones and laptops.
Download the Zoapi software in your devices for seamless screen sharing.

Zoapi Client For Windows, MAC and Linux


Download essential software for your Windows device and get connected to the Zoapi screen instantly.

Zoapi inbuilt iOS Airplay Direct Screen Share


Seamlessly use the built-in screen sharing feature of iOS devices of iPhones and iPads.

Zoapi inbuilt Android Direct Screen Share


Seamlessly use the built-in screen sharing feature of Android devices.



Zoapi Hub Pro

3,999 SAR

  • Pre-Installed on Intel I3 Mini-PC

  • Windows 10 IOT License

  • One-Time License for Lite Plan

  • 16 simultaneous screen sharing

  • Dual Display Support

  • 4K Display

  • Full HD Camera Support

  • Optional upgrade to Premium plan at 399 SAR/year

  • Preferred for wireless Sharing AND Video conferencing

  • Suitable for medium and large meeting rooms

Zoapi Hub Proware

Zoapi provides Hub Software and related cloud services. Zoapi Hub software can be run on any mini-pc/NUC pc/PC on Microsoft Windows 10 OS. Choose the plan that is best suited for your business.



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45 SAR


(Annual Commitment)

  • Essential feature software

  • Works on any Windows 10 machine

  • 16 simultaneous screen sharing

  • Full Suite In Video Conferencing

  • Online Dashboard Account

  • Room Status in Dashboard

  • Room Management in Dashboard

  • Room Utilization Summary in Dashboard

  • 1MB per licence drive space in Dashboard

  • 1 Image/licence for Digital Signage

  • Bluetooth Support

  • Performance and Security OTA Upgrades

  • In-room WiFi independent hotspot

  • Optional upgrade to Premium plan



65 SAR


(Annual Commitment)

  • Full featured software that works on any Windows 10 machine

  • 16 simultaneous screen sharing

  • Built-in Video Conferencing

  • Online Dashboard Account

  • Room Status in Dashboard

  • Bulk Room management in Dashboard

  • Detailed Room utilisation stats in Dashboard

  • Integrated cloud storage for digital signage backgrounds

  • Unlimited images for Digital Signage

  • Bulk deploy apps in online App Store

  • Bluetooth Support

  • Full feature OTA Upgrades

  • In-room WiFi independent hotspot

  • Calendar Integration

  • One Room Scheduler App Key

  • Export stats and analytics reports

  • Email alerts for room status and reports

  • Camera analytics for the Room

  • Runs on Windows 10 OS PCs



Custom Pricing

  • All Features of Premium Plan

  • Bulk Pricing

  • On premise server

  • Unlimited drive space in

  • Extended support

  • Customization Requests

Zoapi  Room


15 SAR/Month (Annual Commitment)

  • On Door Tablet Application To Manage Meeting Room Availability

  • Displays Current meeting room status and meetings scheduled for the day

  • View entire meeting room calendar

  • Book Ad-hoc meetings with a single click before entering the meeting room

  • Check-in feature to mark actual usage of the meeting room

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