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Experience Stress-Free Meetings,  Take Control of Your Meeting Room

  • Enterprise Wireless Screen Sharing and Video Conferencing Device

  • Quick Access And Easy Setup

  • Integrate your Room Calendar to Plan and Track your meetings at the Door

  • Multi-Platform Support (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook)

  • 4K Display, HD Camera and BYOD Presentation 

  • Enables16 screen sharing participants simultaneously

  • Wireless secure and private hotspot

Tanaza OS

  • Cloud-Based Operating System For WiFi Access Points

  • Compatible with Multiple Hardware Devices

  • Manage Multiple Locations from One Dashboard

  • Increase your Operational Productivity and maximize service availability

  • Enable up to 8 SSID per Device

  • Easy Installation and Reduce Onsite Costs

Tanaza 03.png
Tanaza Classic
  • Manage Wi-Fi Networks of Multi-Vendor Access Points

  • Be a Master of Your WI-FI Network

  • Powerful Display Advertisement Tool which allows to serve services and goods or offer discounts directly to customers

  • Hustle Free WiFi Management Tool with Advanced Enterprise-Level Capabilities

  • Get Real-Time Data Reports with Data segmentation and Advanced Filters

Tanaza classic.png


  • Querent delivers broad value to Healthcare Enterprises in their transition to value and risk-based care

  • Get Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Patient Engagement and Care Coordination

  • Enable true Data-Driven and Strategic Decision Making with Querent

  • Track Every Activity through Effortless Dashboards from Mobile or Tablet

  • Get 1,000+ Dashboards | 150+ Key Performance Indicators | 60+ Predictive Models

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  • Protects data on virtual, physical, cloud and mobile platforms regardless of size or location

  • The business can store backups to storage devices, including local disks, network storage and the cloud

  • 500,000 business customers and 5 million consumer customers are using Acronis

  • Designed to use a minimal amount of CPU and memory

  • Workload migration between various clouds, virtual systems and physical machines is also possible

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Microsoft Azure

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File Sync

  • Centralize, flexible, powerful performance and compatibility of an on-premises file server

  • Transform your Windows Server into a quick cache of your Azure file share

  • You can use any protocol that's available on Windows Server to access your data locally, including SMB, NFS, and FTPS

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

  • Deploy virtual machines featuring up to 128 vCPUs and 6 TB of memory

  • Get up to 3.7 million local storage IOPS per VM. Take advantage of up to 30 Gbps Ethernet and 100 Gbps InfiniBand networks

  • Keep using your existing Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP applications, build new ones, or choose from thousands of pre-built applications in the Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

  • Help your business to keep doing business—even during major IT outages

  • Azure Site Recovery offers ease of deployment, cost-effectiveness, and dependability

  • Deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes through Site Recovery to help keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages

Microsoft Azure Backup

  • A cost-effective, one-click backup solution

  • Azure Backup simplifies data recovery

  • easier to enable than other cloud backup services

  • Get immersion cooling solutions with unique server designs in 17’’ / 19’’ / 21’’ form factor

  • Full range of rugged servers and computers, fanless devices and microclusters

  • Our customized systems are adapted to complex industrial needs

  • Highest performance, best profitability and high flexibility

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  • Go Gigabit with Credlepoint

  • Get wireless WANs based on 4G LTE and soon 5G services that let organizations CONNECT people, places and things everywhere

  • Create, deploy, and manage branch networks in days, not months

  • Expand your Cradlepoint cloud network by installing the NetCloud Client on your devices

  • Get secure, constant mobile connectivity for field forces

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  • Navori is fully interoperable with all display brands and screen layouts

  • Polished Display on any Screen or Device

  • 75,000 installations in +100 countries

  • Multi-user, multi-level web content management module

  • Playlist scheduling, rule-based playback, monitoring and reporting with Navori

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  • Easy to Use and Deploy

  • Synchronized Security against coordinated attacks

  • Secure Every Endpoint Of Your Network - From Laptops To Web And Email Traffic

  • The next-generation firewall evolved

  • Sophos Home includes artificial intelligence to block advanced viruses, malware, exploits, and ransomware attack

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  • Odoo has business software which includes CRM, website/e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse - and project management, and inventory

  • 14000+ tailored applications that everyone can access from Odoo apps store

  • 3+ million people are growing their business by using Odoo

  • Odoo can be integrated with any other third-party service providers like SMS, Social media, shopping sites, etc

  • The Community version is the open-source version, while the Enterprise version supplements the Community edition with proprietary features and services

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IT Software supply of licenses and renewals

Arselor is uniquely attentive to supporting business increasing needs in staying current with latest licensed software products. Our primary focus is to ensure your business continuity when it comes to running a critical software. We will help you conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business software needs and propose fit-for-purpose  business applications that not only keep operations running smoothly, they will most certainly helping your thrive and stay on a competitive edge. 

IT Hardware supply of current, end of life & legacy IT hardware

The typical life-cycle of any computing hardware does not exceed. We help you extend the operation of your current computing environment by supplying parts of any current, end of life and legacy IT hardware. Our main strength is to empower you continue your business operations.

Supporting your Business IT Needs Beyond the Imaginable

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